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Dewi Juliana


Dewi Glanville is an accomplished designer with diverse experience in international affairs, experiential graphic design, and distinguished partnership development. Her unique approach combines influences from both Eastern and Western cultures to produce innovative and unforgettable design experiences. She has been recognized by Singapore Interior Design for her work with the Maritime Experiential Museum; Condé Nast Traveler for her work with National Gallery Singapore; and both Forbes and TIME Magazine for her work with DesignTAXI. She had her works presented at the UN World Data Forum.

Previously, she served as a Design Consultant for the United Nations where she worked with 20 countries in Africa and Asia to develop graphic icons and infographics for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) reporting. In this role, Dewi led training sessions with participating countries on best practices for developing concise, visual storytelling. Dewi’s resume also includes work with several clients throughout Asia, Boston and New York.

Dewi credits skateboarding for developing her fearlessness and follow-through—traits she has carried through to her work as a designer. Her willingness to explore new territory, set goals and achieve results continues to set Dewi apart in the highly competitive design industry.

Dewi was born and raised in Singapore and currently lives in New York. When she is not working, Dewi unwinds with Yoga and Muay Thai. Dewi gives back through her favorite nonprofit, Skateistan, which uses skateboarding and arts education to empower children in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.


UN World Data Forum
SDG & COVID-19 Data Visualization Toolkit
Client: United Nations

Singapore Interior Design Awards
Best Exhibition Design – Permanent Exhibits
Client: Maritime Experiential Museum

May 2016
Condé Nast Traveler
10 Biggest Museum Openings of the Year
Client: National Gallery Singapore

Top 5 Sites for Keeping Up With Creativity and Design
Client: Designtaxi

TIME Magazine
The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2012
Client: Designtaxi

July 2011
2011 Bulby Awards: ‘Best New Platform’
Client: The Bazaar, Designtaxi

26 July 2011
Communication Arts: Webpick of the Day
Client: Designtaxi